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We are a family business that serves a variety of fresh cold-pressed juices, and dairy-free smoothies that are sugar, and additive free. Our menu also consists of salads, acai bowls, and other plant based items. We use a combination of locally grown and organic fruits and vegetables, to create products that are both delicious and packed with nutrition. 


In addition to our products, we provide educational workshops and presentations to the community that can be hosted at Fairy Juice Bar and presented at various sites in the community. These presentations focus on sharing information about the health benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption through juice and smoothies while also providing manageable steps to gradually introduce healthy habits into personal lifestyles.

Mission Statement:


At Fairy Juice Bar, our mission is to provide products that nourish and cleanse the body. All of our ingredients and items were created with the knowledge of nutrition within the diaspora, in order to promote holistic health and community wellness by providing natural cold-pressed juice and non-Dairy smoothie products along with health education and youth employment opportunities.


We pride ourselves in having products that are not only plant based but also sugar free and additive free, providing the best experience for our customers. It is our mission to encourage people to eat vibrant food, so that they feel vibrant.


It is our mission to encourage customers to consume beneficial nutrients in a concentrated form which will positively impact their health.We also consider affordable product pricing to be highly important so that the juices, smoothies and other items sold are accessible to a wide range of consumers regardless of socioeconomic status.

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